What's the SAIFA

GSCGI is directly translated in English as the Swiss Association of Independent Financial Advisors (S.A.I.F.A.).

It's a group of economic interests formed by specialized independent financial intermediaries who are confirmed professionals in the financial services industry. However the group is opened to contacts with any person interested in the business of wealth management seeking to promote dialogue with the banking partners and authorities at all levels.


GSCGI-GE: Déjeuner-Conférence & Débat, 7 juin 2023, Fairmont, 11h-14h
ARTEX—Comprendre l’Introduction de l’Art en Bourse: Les Risques et les Avantages de l’Investissement dans des Actions d’Oeuvres d’Art.
Orateurs: Y. Benjelloun-Touimi, A. L. Bandle, D. Widmaier Picasso, D. Najar, M. Berthoud.

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  • 07/06/2023 (11:00)
    GSCGI-Déjeuner-conférence & débat - ARTEX


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